Granite Mountain Mask (Release 6)



The sales proceeds after production, cost, and shipping of masks (15.00 from each sale) are going to Navajo Nation to provide much needed support, the funds are being overseen by Gentle White Dove, mother of ThunderVoice Eagle. The funds are going to both the GoFundMe as well as to direct support of the his family's Chapter House: Bodaway Chapter.


One size fits most.

Custom Designed fabric by ThunderVoice Eagle

Cotton-Linnen canvas exterior fabric.

Microfiber cloth interior fabric (updated for this design, and super soft!)

3/8 inch elastic band (can be tied if it is too large)


These masks are to encourage you to stay safe, and keep your loved ones safe, while supporting the relief efforts in Navajo Nation.


Handmade with love by the family of ThunderVoice Eagle.


Care instructions:


These are not medical grade. Please comply with all CDC recommendations for safety and health.


  • Wash hands before putting the mask on.
  • Tighten the elastic with a knot if needed to keep mask snug.
  • Do not touch the front of mask during wear or removal.
  • After every single use hand wash thoroughly with hot soapy water.
  • Air dry in the sun before additional use.


Thank you for your support, and for caring for yourself and community.


-ThunderVoice Eagle & Family


*Patterns on mask may vary, each cut of the custom fabric is different.