March to Gravesite (misprint edition)

March to Gravesite (misprint edition)


***Due to a printing production issue, we have a limited selection of misprints available. Still beautiful in their imperfection and a lower price!


"One of the first images I saw from standing rock was the March to the gravesite. 
Sioux tribe's response to a pipeline on treaty land was to file a site survey to prove that the gravesite was on the pipe's path; which would stop the construction of the oil pipe. The next morning the rumble of bulldozers echoed the valley moving 20 miles directly to the ancient cemetery. 
Women, men, elders and youth ran to their grandparents bones to stop the atrocity, but were met by hired security with attack dogs. I watched in unbelief. Bulldozers removing evidence before the survey could be done while dogs were released on my brothers and sisters; Elders and youth.

My heart ached.

How could I be still? How could I not feel sick? 
But as this scene replayed over and over in my mind. I began to realize there was more to it. In the midst of this horrific sight-- They stood strong. They were fearless! 
Without a doubt; They were warriors!"


-Thunder Voice Eagle

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